clementine offers a number of writing workshops that are suitable for writers of all ages and experience levels. these adaptable intensives are perfect for middle, high school, college students, and other groups who are interested in using writing as a tool of personal growth and a safe and joyful form of self-expression.

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We each have an incredible, singular story to tell, and people who are hungry for what we have to say. Still, it is difficult to find the balance between sharing our truths and centering ourselves and our emotional wellbeing. As writers, it is necessary to define for ourselves the parts of our story which we do not share with the public at large, the parts that are privileged and ours to protect. This workshop use introspection exercises, writing prompts, and examples from the modern literary canon to help its participants not just to write from their own unique perspective, but to articulate and take pride in healthy boundaries.

this workshop is typically 2 hours and can be adjusted to most group sizes.

ASKING the shadow to dance: A CURE FOR WRITER’s BLOCK

Building several prompts out of a single poem, participants will leave this workshop with 2-4 new poem drafts. This workshop is designed not only as a tool to generate a lot of work quickly, but as a means of teaching participants how to find inspiration themselves whenever they are experiencing writer’s block in the future.

this workshop is 1 hour long and best suited for 5-15 people.


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Slumber party retreat (with Sabrina Benaim)

I host a week long writing retreat with my collaborator Sabrina Benaim! This is a new project, but more information can be found here!